Friday, September 11, 2009

Historical Places Of Egypt

Historical Places Of Egypt Pictures, Abu Simbel Near Aswan Egypt picture, Ancient Egyptian Figures at Temple of Karnak Luxor Egypt picture, Statues at the 3rd Terrace Temple of Hatshepsut Deir el Bahri Thebes Luxor Egypt picture, White Pyramid of King Snefru Dahshur Egypt picture, The Sphinx Giza Near Cairo Egypt picture, The Sphinx and Great Pyramids Giza Cairo Egypt picture, Muhammad Ali Mosque Cairo Egypt Africa picture, Cobra Figures and the Step Pyramid Saqqara Egypt picture, Avenue of Sphinxes Luxor Egypt picture.

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  1. The pictures are absolutely beautiful.
    The walls of the Deir El-Bahri temple illustrate the stories of Hatshepsut’s fabled trip to the land of Punt. It also illustrates a grotesquely overweight Queen of Punt as she was obese at the time of her death.